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The Essence of the Maulid - Remembering the Prophet

After Magrib, 7:00 pm
Andhra Pradesh

Speaker: Moulavi Al-Hafiz Umar Rizwan Jamali

Sultan Mosque, Auditorium

Fees: Free

This year, the event is entitled "The Essence of the Maulid - Remembering the Prophet." All activities on that day will be based upon this theme. A programme filled with nasheed recitals, a video session, an interactive quiz and an informative lecture by a prominent scholar, it promises to elevate us to know the Prophet (SAW) at a more intimate level and to understand the essence of the Maulid and the ways to remember him.

Although the lecture is in Tamil, the rest of the programme is effectively bilingual and we call upon all our Muhibbeen (lovers of Rasulullah SAW) to participate in this short programme.


It is a free for all program and no RSVP is needed. Fill your heart with Love and give us your support!

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