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Quran Reading course (QRC) Basic for Adults in English

8pm - 9.30pm
Saudi Arabia

Speaker: Shaikh Yaseen

Guthrie Building @ Changi Rd

Fees: $70 monthly (One Time $30 Registration fee and $20 Notes Fee)

Introduction to 28 Quranic Alphabets in 4 weeks.
- Discover the 8 types of symbols in The Quran.
- Know the basic rules of recitation
- Recitations on Short Surah

Duration: 6 months.

At the end of the course, students are able to:

- Recognize and identify where each and every hurtful / alphabets come from.
- Pronounce individual hurtful / alphabets.
- Recite short verses and chapter with the guidance of the 8 Symbols (Tashkeel)

Location: Guthrie Building @ Changi Rd
Fee: $70 monthly
One-Time Reg. and notes fee: $30 and $20 respectively

Additional item:
- Audio QRC Kit to keep your revision handy.
- Student Portal Account
- Tips on Motivating yourself to recite the Quran


For inquiries or registrations, you may contact us at 111 1112223 or email us at

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