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Introducing a promising Dawah project to distribute the Holy Quraan under Each One Give One scheme.  Initially we are focusing on ten leading states of India. The Holy Quran distribution project is a purely Dawah Project following Prophets noble mission.
The Glorious Quran is the timeless word of the Ever-Living God, sent down to guide humanity for all times.  No book is or can be like it.
What is the “Each One Give One Program?
Dawah is a prime duty of the Muslim Ummah. And it’s the responsibility of all Muslims to spread the Last revelation from God to the all humanity. Essential and important part of living by the Quran is to convey its message to the people around you. Indeed the moment the prophet, blessing and peace be on him, received the first revelation he realized the immense task of bringing it to his people.
Al-Islam Group set a target of 10,000 copies of the Holy Quran along with the basic books on Islam, to distribute among Muslims and Non-Muslims Brothers. Special arrangement has been finalized with Jamaat-e-Islami’s zonal offices, to distribute the Holy Quran in 10 leading states of India during this Ramadan. Your kind help will bring the humanity from darkness to light.  

Similar arrangements are being finalized to do the same in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

10,000 Quran Gift Set


Bronze Pack

Silver Pack

Gold Pack

Platinum Pack

Quran CDs

Set of 25 CDs

Set of 50 CDs

Set of 75 CDs

Set of 100 CDs


AED/SR 35 US $ 10

AED/SR 75 US $ 20

AED/SR 105 US $ 30

AED/SR 150 US $ 40


The aim of Each One Give One” Project is two fold Project:
Firstly- Our Each One Spread One Project is aiming to provide the Holy Quraan to the poor Muslims.
Secondly- to distribute the last Divine book of God to our Non-Muslim brothers.
We seek everyone should have the opportunity to taste the delicious fruits in the garden of the Holy Quran.





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